Community Covid-19 Activities

We have all had to
adjust to a different world; one where we must be
scrupulously clean, are unable to greet each other with
a handshake or a hug and are learning to recognise
each other from behind a facemask. However, true
community spirit has shone through all the necessary
COVID-19 rules and regulations and new local heroes
have emerged.

The journey to defeat the threat of COVID-19 will
contain many more twists and turns, but we will
ultimately win the battle. OMD 2030 is proud to be a
key role-player in our community’s COVID-19
response. Rest assured that we will continue to do our
utmost, to inform, assist, support and drive local
initiatives throughout these difficult times.
This edition of The i will update you on local COVID19 matters, will celebrate some of our local heroes and
will bring you up to date with how we have been
assisting the community during the last 8 months.

Changing Times

Coping with Covid – 19. Changing Times was established for local community members to share their Covid-19 experiences

Local Heroes

Some local heroes emerging from within their communities to join the fight against Covd – 19.

Screening Station

The Covid – 19 screening station was successfully implemented as a monitoring
project which was made possible due to the cooperation
and assistance of many different stakeholders,
including OTC, South End Service Station,
Nampol, Ministry of Health and Social Services
(MOHSS), and the Ministry of Home Affairs,
Immigration, Safety and Security.

Women’s Resilience Workshop

Resilient people, organisations and towns are able
to adapt to changing circumstances, to renew
themselves despite the fear of change and to
flourish under these new conditions. To assist the
local community to cope successfully with change,
OMD 2030 has launched a resilience
programme for Oranjemund, the first
component of which involved hosting a series
of women’s workshops during June.