Local Heroes

Local Heroes

Tippy Tap volunteers

Mayor Cllr Henry Coetzee with t Tippy Tap Team: Kollen, Efraim & Polly

When the COVID-19 outbreak reached Namibia, I think we were lucky because myself and my two colleagues understood the severity and consequences of the virus. I knew some members in my community would not understand the importance of washing their hands and practicing social distancing. When I saw people not adhering to the state of emergency rules and regulations, I knew I had to come up with a plan to educate the community and assist with behavioral change

We tried to find ways to engage local people, but this was challenging because no gatherings were allowed. We decided to move from house to house to spread the information. However, this was not the end of our mission.

I saw a video of a Ghanaian boy making a Tippy Tap on Facebook and this sparked my idea. Our team researched how many locations were in need of water and soap, then we approached the Regional Councillor’s office and OTC. Here, we received assistance and were then able to build the first Tippy Tap in our own location.

It was really well received by everyone, so more materials were donated and we were able to build Tippy Taps in six locations in Oranjemund.

Our team is very proud about how the community has received our initiative. We wish to make a bigger difference by putting up more taps in vulnerable areas. As the rules and regulations ease up, people will also need to be reminded to practice good hygiene, by washing their hands regularly with soap and water.

The challenge we now face, is the supply of liquid soap for these taps in the future, so any donations will be appreciated. Thus far, all donations have come from OMD 2030. We are so thankful to have engaged with our community and we appreciate all the help we have received from the different stakeholders in town.

Golden Pharmacy

Left to Right:
Rebbeka Neumbo (Golden Pharmacy), Leena LeopoldNdashaala (Golden Pharmacy), Sue Cooper (OMD 2030),
Judith Valombweleni (Golden Pharmacy)

Oranjemund Golden Pharmacy donated liquid hand soap to OMD 2030 for the distribution of the Tippy Taps in all vulnerable areas of Oranjemund.

Oranjemund Spar Donates

Left to Right: Michelle Alexander (Spar), Cllr Henry Coetzee, Arthur Conry (Spar), Sue Cooper (OMD 2030)

Spar Oranjemund donates 400 bags of 2.5 kg Top Score to OMD 2030 to help with food security during this lock-down period for the disadvantaged members of the Oranjemund community.

The handover was accepted by HW Cllr Henry Coetzee on behalf of OMD 2030 and the local COVID -19 communications response team.

OMD 2030 together with the COVID -19 comms team ill facilitate and ensure that the donation reaches the intended vulnerable groups.

OMD 2030 donates face masks & liquid hand soap

Together with other community members, OMD 2030 donated facemasks to every grade 11 and 12 learner at !Garibams Secondary School, to enable them to resume face-to-face lessons during June.

We have also sourced affordable locally produced facemasks and are currently selling them from the Hub to Oranjemund citizens.

In addition, we have donated three months’ supply of liquid soap to the community Tippy Taps project and have assisted Namdeb by helping to pack food parcels for their community initiative.

In order to support local informal traders, we made our market stall spaces available for rent at no cost during April and May.