Women’s Resilience Workshop & WhatsApp Coaching

Women’s Resilience Workshop & WhatsApp Coaching

Throughout times of change whether longterm, such as during town transformations, or in rapidly changing situations, like the current COVID-19 pandemic, being resilient provides the key to successfully adjusting to and thriving in, the ‘new normal.’ Resilient people, organisations and towns are able to adapt to changing circumstances, to renew themselves despite the fear of change and to flourish under these new conditions.

To assist the local community to cope successfully with change, OMD 2030 has launched a resilience programme for Oranjemund, the first component of which involved hosting a series of women’s workshops during June. These Building Back Better workshops were developed and delivered on our behalf by Salients, an organisation that specialises in transformations and developing social resilience among different groups of people.

The aim of the workshops was to equip the women in Oranjemund with the skills and tools so that they can better manage their lives. Creating new habits, not letting stress rule your life, leaving the past in the past, and understanding the value of respect were some of the topics covered during these sessions.

The positive feedback received from the workshop participants was very encouraging, and as a result of this, weekly discussion topics are now posted in a dedicated social media group (WhatsApp) to allow important themes to be explored in more detail by everyone who wishes to.

Salients will continue to work with us in an advisory capacity as our resilience programme evolves. We are excited to be on this journey together and are extremely grateful for all the advice to date. Salients is passionate about what it does, has a close history with the town, a belief in its future and is committed to assisting with Oranjemund’s transformation wherever it is able.

Consequently, Salients is providing all its services free of charge for this project, and we would like to thank the organisation profusely for this generous gesture. We are already in the early stages of planning a development programme for Oranjemund’s men that will be launched before the end of the year. We hope to be able to provide more details about this during October.