The Futree community garden was established mid 2015. It is a non-profit, community based, volunteer driven, and environmentally conscious community.

The main objectives for the garden are:

  • to create an environment wherein knowledge related to food garden preparation, crop cultivation, and self-sustainable food production is shared and transferred;
  • and households experiencing food shortages are empowered to provide for themselves.
  • Participation is on a voluntary basis and includes activities that support the objectives of Futree according to volunteers’ skills, such as time, labour, expertise, or resources. Pupils from the schools also join and work in the allotted areas, learning and producing food.

If you want to join the activities, volunteers gather each Saturday between 10am and 12pm.

OMD 2030 actively support this community project and surplus produce is sold at our Night Markets in order to ensure nothing goes to waste and we help with food security.